Protect Tamil Eelam Refugees from Corona: Ravikumar, MP

Replying to the appeal of Ravikumar MP, Trichy Collector S.Divyadharshini IAS has said a Medical camp will be conducted in the Refugee camp.

Ravi Kumar Member of parliament appeals to Hon’ble Ma Subramaniam, Minister of People’s Welfare, Tamil Nadu to protect Tamil Eelam refugees from Corona.

In a letter to the minister, he said: “There are a total of 105 people in the Trichy special camp. Of these, 78 are Eelam Tamils and the remaining 27 are from countries including Bangladesh and Bulgaria.

55 Eelam Tamils ​​were affected by corona. They were all kept for five days at the Corona Center at Bharathi Dasan University and brought back to the camp.
Many of them are in critical condition now. I request the Hon’ble Minister to intervene immediately and give them proper treatment, ”Ravi Kumar said.

Ravikumar has also tweeted that, he has got the reply from Trichy District Collector S.Divyadharshini IAS, Stating that

Most of them are cured and as per the request made by the Member of parliament medical camp will be conducted in the Refugee camp. she has made clear that most of them have crossed more than 10 days of positivity and only 7 people are in treatment now. S.Divyadharshini IAS also told that proper treatment will be ensured for the refugees in the Trichy camp.

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