North-Eastern Bishops’ Council has given a call to commemorate the Tamil Genocide Day on May 18th

The North-Eastern Bishops’ Council given a call to all Bishops in Sri Lanka and Tamil people who are fighting for justice for war crimes to observe May 18th as Genocide Remembrance Day and prayer Day.

According to a press release issued by the forum on the occasion of the day of remembrance of Mullivaikal Genocide,

May 18, 2021 marks, for the people in North and East of Sri Lanka, twelfth anniversary of Mullivaikal genocide. The survivors and witnesses of the last phase of war and the preceding decades, mourn over their departed, who without paying the last rights hurriedly buried their loved ones. The Day dedicated prompts that the victims have the right to remembrance. Victims remain no more the passive sufferers rather active participants in the process of redress.

While joining our people in seeking justice for the crimes perpetrated, we the Bishops of North and East urge that the Tamils in the North and East marks May 18 as the day of remembrance and prayer. Let us also remember and pray for all those who lost their lives due to war and unrest in Sri Lanka that lasted for decades.

In the statement it is also said to, Ring the Angelus, call the people to pray and Light a special Oil lamp or a candle. it is also said to Observe 2 minutes of Silent prayer for those who died, maimed or suffering in different.



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