Friday, June 18, 2021
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Sri Lanka’s genocidal mentality continues unabated for 12 years: Patrimagaran

The genocidal mentality of Sri Lanka can be brought to an end only if the Tamil around the world unite to work in a...

Declaration of Ilakku on 12th Memorial of Tamil Genocide in Mullivaikkal

We Ilakku, who are committed to working peacefully for the redemption of the rights of Eelam Tamils ​​based on democratic principles, remember 18.05.2009, the...

North East Tamil People Union accused TNA of violating the agreement

North-East Tamil People Union has accused that the TNA has cheated them by not giving them the chairperson post in Vavuniya South Tamil Divisional...

Minister Chamal assured that no injustice will be done to Tamil people : Mavai Senathirajah

Minister Chamal Rajapaksa has assured that no injustice will be done to the Tamil people, said Mavai Senathirajah, the leader of the Sri Lanka...

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