Sri Lanka’s genocidal mentality continues unabated for 12 years: Patrimagaran

The genocidal mentality of Sri Lanka can be brought to an end only if the Tamil around the world unite to work in a integrated public program to expose to the world without any delay.

The twelve long years have not changed Sri Lanka’s genocidal mood of Mullivaikkal and has continued the policy of its governments to perpetuate the genocide of Eelam Tamils ​​in many ways.

On May 18, the day of the World Genocide in Mullivaikkal, Sri Lanka denied the Eelam Tamils, the basic human rights of remembrance to their close family members, the fundamental human right to unity, and the right to religious worship. Thus, the world can clearly understand the continuing genocidal attitude of Sri Lanka towards human rights violence.

Memorial Stamps of Vavuniya Sabumalkaskada Vihara, Kaladukanda Vihara, and Jaffna Kadarugoda Vihara have been released. the call is also given to celebrate Vesak as having Naina Island Raja Vihar main center for the Buddhist temples in the Tamils homeland. Sri Lankan government is showing its Buddhist racism by trying to make one Sri Lanka as one race, one religion and language country, of Sinhala, Buddhist, and Sinhalese nation. The Eelam Tamils ​​are being denied the basic human rights of remembering the loved ones who were killed in the last stage of the war.

In fact, it is not for the fear of Corona, but they wanted the military personnel who carried out the genocide for the state president in Mullivaikkal. they fear that the commemoration may put pressure on the international community for justice against  Sri Lanka.

One such unit is the Sri Lankan Army’s plan to demolish statues and monuments commemorating Mullivaikkal. Sinhala forces, which enjoyed dismantling the Jaffna University war memorial earlier this year, have now dismantled the Mullivaikkal public emblem and expressed their racism. They have also proved their Sinhala-Buddhist racist mentality to the world once again by stealing the  memorial stone to be placed in Mullivaikkal.

Destroying and destroying war memorials is an international crime that is punishable eual to the punishment given to genocide. But Sri Lanka is well aware that the world, which has accepted its genocide of Eelam Tamils as war of national security, for interests of their own military market and not punishing or dragging the trial by pretending as if it is punishing  Sri Lanka.

However, Batticaloa MP Chanakyan’s statement made it clear that such actions make the Eelam Tamils more ​​determined towards their desire of Tamil Home Land.

In his statement he has said that, “You really can not destroy the feelings of the Tamils, such monuments. I see every monument you demolish as an event that will create a new feeling in the minds of Tamils.No matter how you try to control our emotions, we will never forget anything that happened. We will never forget any injustice done to Tamils ​​in this country. Especially this week in 2009 we lost so many thousands of relations. Over the years we have used that monument as a place to remember all those relationships, even when we do not know the date or place of death. You have to look for other new ways to destroy the feelings of Tamils. Because you can’t destroy our feelings. ”

In the wake of this, when the the current British prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized to the Speaker and Vice-President of the Northern Ireland, following the British court’s judgement about the case in which British officers shot ten people at northern Ireland in 1974, the secretary of the Ireland has said “we cannot forget what happened in the history.”

No one can forget history. Life is about strengthening the present based on that experience from the past and facing the future with innovation and hope. Therefore, the destruction of the war memorials of the Eelam Tamils ​​is also a cultural genocide that destroys their history.

He also called the Tamil prersentative in the parliament, to condemn the cultural genocide by destroying such monuments in Sri Lanka.It is the duty of the delegates to fully protect the Tamil peoples monuments as they were all elected by the relations of Tamil people who were killed in Mullivaikkal.

Therefore, MP Chanakyan further demanded that it is the duty of all Tamil parliamentarians to condemn Sri Lanka for destroying the Tamil Genocide Tomb in Mullivaikkal.

Chanakyan has made it very clear that the present government has begun its journey to the grave within a year of taking office. It is the responsibility of the Tamils in diaspora ​​to uphold world justice in support of this commitment by Member of Parliament Chanakyan.

The genocidal mentality of Sri Lanka can be brought to an end only if the Tamil around the world unite to work in a integrated public program to expose to the world without any delay. It is the duty of every Tamil around the world to make the right democratic process possible for this and to involve himself and his younger generation.

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