Commemoration of Mullivaikal: Tributes at many places including SL Parliament

Tamil parliamentarians commemorates ‘May 18’ in Sri Lankan Parliament.

Today, amidst heavy security, the 12th anniversary of the Mullivaikkal Tamil Genocide was commemorated. A group of lawmakers from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) marked Tamil Genocide Day at the Sri Lankan parliament complex in Kotte this morning before a parliamentary session was due to take place.

Sivaguru Adhina Guru Thavathiru Velan Swami has paid homage to the dead relatives during the genocide in the Mullivaikkal area in Mullaitheevu.

MK Sivajilingam, Secretary-General of the Tamil National Party and former Member of Parliament surpassing all the obstetrical by the Sri Lankan government paid his homage by lighting lanterns in Nandikkadal this morning. The party leader. Sri Lanka Tamil Arsu Katchi leader Peter Ilancheriyan and other parties also paid homage.


Jaffna Municipal Council meeting commemoration of the 12th anniversary of Tamil Genocide in Mullivaikkal held today. It was chaired by Manivannan following the Covid-19 health regulations.


In Nandikkadal.


In Jaffna University

Mullivaikkal commemoration event held in Vavuniya district

May 18 is Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day by the New Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party. Was commemorated today in Jaffna with a tribute speech, “Let us oppose chauvinist oppression and carry out a revolutionary mass uprising beyond nationalism!”

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