UP denies Charges about the Bodies of Suspected covid-19 in the river Ganga

The bodies of the victims of the corona epidemic have been recovered from the Ganges river in Chausa town of Bihar’s Buxar district.

Chausa is a city located on the borders of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. River Ganga flows from Uttar Pradesh into Chausa.

In Bihar, 10,000 infections are reported daily and more than 60 deaths occur. Corona has claimed 3,282 lives in Bihar so far.

Meanwhile, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where there is no place to cremate the victims of the corona epidemic, it is reported that relatives of the deceased are dumping their bodies in the Ganges, with the number likely to be around 40 to 150.

According to a Chausa district official, 40 to 45 swollen bodies were found floating in the Mahadev Ghat area of Chausa. Some say there may even be 100 corpses. The officials also said that it is to be investigated where these came from.

But the Uttar Pradesh government said the bodies did not belong to their state.

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