Tanzania plane crashes into lake – 19 people died

At least 19 people died when a passenger plane crashed into Lake Victoria in north Tanzania on Sunday (Nov 6) while trying to land at a nearby airport.

That’s according to authorities who gave the revised number after just three deaths were reported earlier.

Flight PW494, operated by Precision Air, hit the water during storms and heavy rain.

The wreckage could be seen almost fully submerged, as rescuers in boats rushed to pull out trapped passengers.

This rescuer said water surged in after the emergency door was opened, making it difficult for people to escape the plane.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa visited the crash site and said authorities were trying to figure out who was missing from the list of passenger names.

Precision Air said the plane was carrying 39 passengers, including an infant, as well as four crew members.

The two pilots initially survived the crash and were in touch with rescue workers from the cockpit, authorities said.

But they later reported that their oxygen supply was dwindling, and had died by the time rescuers reached them.

The two flight attendants survived.

CEO Patrick Wanri said the airline has set up family assistant centres to provide information, and will continue to offer support to the victims and their families.

Tanzania’s largest privately owned airline said in statement, the plane left the commercial capital Dar es Salaam and “crash-landed” just before 9 a.m. local time Sunday as it was approaching Bukoba airport.


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