N.Korea says launch on Wednesday was ‘hypersonic’ missile


North Korea test fired a “hypersonic missile” this week that successfully hit a target, state news agency KCNA reported on Thursday.

The launch on Wednesday was the first by North Korea since October and was detected by several militaries in the region, drawing criticism from governments in the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

North Korea first tested a hypersonic missile in September, joining a race headed by major military powers to deploy the advanced weapons system.

In Wednesday’s test, the hypersonic flight vehicle flew 700 km(430 miles) before striking a target “without error,” and confirmed components such as flight control, KCNA reported.

The missile also demonstrated its ability to combine “multi-step glide jump flight and strong lateral manoeuvring,” KCNA said.

More manoeuvrable missiles and warheads are likely aimed at being able to overcome missile defences like those wielded by South Korea and the United States, analysts have said.


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