Gates Foundation consolidating control over our food system: Report 

In a new report ‘How the Gates Foundation is driving the food system, in the wrong direction,’ by Grain Organisation exposes how the Gates funding to improve agriculture in Africa, goes to groups in North America and Europe. 

The report says that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent nearly US$6 billion over the past 17 years trying to improve agriculture, mainly in Africa. 

‘From 2003 to 2020 the Foundation dished out a total of 1130 grants for food and agriculture, worth nearly $US6 billion of which almost US$5 billion is supposed to service Africa. There was no shift to try and reach groups in Africa directly, no refocusing away from the narrow technological approach, and no moves to embrace a more holistic and inclusive policy agenda.’

‘Of course, the Gates Foundation is about much more than just making grants. The Foundation’s Trust Fund, which manages the Foundation’s endowment, has big investments in food and agribusiness companies, buys up farmland, and has equity investments in many financial companies around the world,’ the report further said. 

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