Covid will continue to circulate for many years – Pfizer CEO

Albert Bourla says that omicron wave should be the ‘last with so many restrictions’

The chief executive of Pfizer told French TV station BFM TV on Monday that the coronavirus will continue to circulate for many years to come, but that this current wave should be the last to have to lead to restrictions.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla also told BFM TV that the Covid vaccine was “safe and efficient” for children.

While he hopes that the omicron variant is the last wave, Bourla said that the most probable scenario is that the virus will be with us into the future.

“This is a virus that has spread all over the world so it is very difficult to get rid of,” Bourla said.

However, in a note of optimism, citing the effectiveness of vaccines and treatments, the Pfizer CEO said that it is his belief that the current omicron wave will be the “last with so many restrictions.”

Bourla said last week that a vaccine targeting the omicron variant will be ready in March and that the company is already manufacturing doses.

“We will have an effective vaccine in barely three months [since omicron was detected] which is a very short period,” Bourla said.

He reiterated that the fourth dose cannot be recommended yet for the general population because there is not enough data, instead promoting the booster shot, or third vaccine dose, as important for full protection.

Bourla announced during the interview that Pfizer was making a 520 million euros ($593.7 million) investment plan in France over five years to help tackle Covid-19.

He also told BFM TV that Pfizer was setting up a partnership with French company Novasep to develop an anti-Covid pill treatment.

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