Will India accept Tamil Eelam as America accepted it?

The first meeting of the 117th Congress of the United States was held on 18/5/2021. Resolution 413 of this Congress acknowledges the “homeland of Tamil Eelam” – giving comfort and new vigor to the Eelam Tamils.

Center for Eelam Tamils Friendship has released a statement saying,

The Tamil Center for Human Rights points out in a book that the Colebrook Commission, which visited Sri Lanka during the British rule, referred to its report as ‘North-East Srilanka is the homeland of the Tamils’. To date, no one else has registered this land as ‘Homeland of North-Eastern Sri Lankan Tamils’. Sinhala-Buddhist racist leaders inside and outside the Sri Lankan parliament have repeatedly chanted, “There is no such thing as a ‘Tamil homeland’ in Sri Lanka.”

But I am speaking out against them, saying, ‘We are not provinces, we are a homeland.’ Not only do the Sinhalese think that destroying the homeland of Tamil can destroy the Tamils’ demand for Tamil Eelam, but that is why they have accelerated Sinhala immigration in Tamil Eelam.

The resolution of the 117th session of the US Government during this tragic period stressed that ‘the north-eastern provinces of Sri Lanka are the homeland of the Tamils’ – a message of comfort and hope to the turbulent Eelam Tamils. The Government of India should kill this resolution with consideration and attention.

As long as Tamil Eelam is a homeland, it will be a bulwark for India. In a context where Sinhala Sri Lanka, is becoming Chinese Lanka. India has a responsibility to protect Tamil Eelam, the homeland of the Tamils, as India’s bulwark.

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