Tamils, Muslims and Progressive Movements should unite for the justice of Genocide

Center for Uprise Against the Oppression of Mullivaikkal Tamils has called for the commemoration of Tamil’s Genocide in Mullivaikkal. In the statement released by them, it is said,

The history of the Tamil liberation struggle has taught us that the struggles against oppression may face attitudinal setbacks, but it will not rest until freedom is achieved. Mullivaikkal is no exception to it. Mullivaikkal memory is not only related to the past but also the dialectic of future oppression.

Mullivaikkal soil carries the heavy dream of our loved ones who were killed in Clusters in the final battle.  The May 18 commemoration unites Eelam Tamils ​​with the desire to continue to travel until the goal is reached, even after a decade passing one decade for the justice of Tamil’s genocide. Mullivaikkal Remembrance invites us to put our resources together and learn lessons from the past to apply new strategies to face the future.

The Sinhala-Buddhist government has rejected the Mullivaikkal mass genocide and portrayed the final war as a war on terror. The final war victory was projected as the victory of Sinhala-Buddhism. Mahavamsa continues to tighten its Sinhala-Buddhist nationalist government structure in history.

By strengthening the center within the monarchy, the Government of Sri Lanka is diluting the devolution of power and weakening the political demand of the Tamils. It is questioning the homeland demand by fragmenting the north-east and breaking territorial ties. Militarization is intensifying in the northeast and suppressing opposition to the state. It continues to carry out genocide structured in an environment where weapons are silenced.

In the post-Mullivaikkal political-historical platform the Sinhala government has repeatedly denied Eelam Tamils ​​commemoration. Remembering is the traditional, cultural, and moral rights of Tamils ​​that go back thousands of years. The Eelam-Tamil people are unaware that the Sinhala government is making efforts to block the commemoration every year through militarization. But the Eelam Tamil people are breaking all the barriers and carrying out the commemoration of Mullivaikkal. Mullivaikkal is the Center of Liberation for the Tamils of Eelam.

This time too the Sri Lankan government is making efforts to block the commemoration citing COVID-19 but is certainly going to celebrate the victory of the war. This is because the Sinhala state needs to maintain the rhetoric of war victory to cultivate the Sinhala-Buddhist collective psychology. Mullivaikkal is going to stay as alternative rhetoric against war victory. That is why the Sinhala government is banning the commemoration of Mullivaikkal.

Mullivaikkal, Tamil Genocide Remembrance will happen as usual and as planned, on May 18th, with all Covid-19 health practice 10.30 AM, the Tamil Genocide Memorial Yard will be organized at Mullivaikkal.

Announcing that the Memorial Yard has been prepared for the people to pay respect throughout the day and in other places in the North-Eastern Provinces of the Tamil homeland, on May 18 at 6 pm in temples and shrines, bells will be rung and worship will be held in homes and places of worship.

we can pass on the Mullivaikkal experience to the next generation by lighting the lamp or candle in public places. May 18th the day of the Tamil genocide as Tamil National Mourning Day, We shall share the images of the Mullivaikkal Tamil genocide on social media as much as possible and commemorate the Tamil genocide.

North-eastern social organizations, religious organizations, and Tamil national political parties are calling for a united front in the struggle for justice for the Tamil genocide. We also call Muslims, the majority of progressive organizations,  to join with us for this remembrance.





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