Cultural Massacre again in the land of Genocide: Sabah Guhadas

The government has once again staged a cultural massacre in Mullaitheevu by installing Buddha statues in Kurundur malai and destroying the cultural and religious identities of the Tamils.

Former Northern Provincial Council member Saba Guhadas said,

“Just as a Tamil massacre was staged on the soil of Mullivaikkal in 2009, in the same month of May, A Cultural Massacre is being staged in the Kumulamunai area of Mullaitivu district where Adisivan Ayyanar which reflected the cultural and religious identities of the Tamils is located. This cultural massacre is being done in the guise of archeology.

The setting up of a Buddhist shrine that does not follow the rules of hygiene and the separation of Buddhist monks from the statue of the Buddha has once again staged a cultural massacre in Mullaitheevu.

It is well known to the world that in the previous research in Kurundur malai, it has found a statue in the shape of shiva lingam. adding to it the kurundur tree has close connections to the Hindu religion historically. these acts of building Buddha vihar in the Hindu Temple area should also be seen as genocide.”

Saba Guhadas also said the Government is telling people to obey the strict restrictions, themselves not abiding by it. In Kurundur Malai the Army and Buddhist Monks gathered for the religious ceremony and not obeyed the restriction. this has not only raised the question that who the law is for but shows how this country under the dictatorship.”

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