Tamil National People’s Front visits to the damaged Mullivaikkal Memorial Yard

The public memorial stone that was brought to be placed in the Mullivaikkal memorial yard has made to be disappeared overnight and the Mullivaikkal public memorial has also been smashed by Sri Lankan Army.

Following this, Tamil National People Front’s General Secretary Selvarasa Gajendran MP, Legal Adviser Kanagaratnam Sukash, Jaffna District Organizer Theepan Thileesan, and party members visited Mullivaikkal.

Speaking about this, Member of Parliament Selvarasa Gajendran said,

The memorial stone that was brought to the Mullivaikkal memorial yard last night has gone missing this morning. The memorial yard has also been smashed. Yesterday the area was under the control of the police and the army and no one else was allowed to enter. When people in the area inquired about the incident, it was learned that the stone was carried by people in military uniforms between one and three in the morning. The clergymen who placed the stone in the yard and the organizers of the commemoration of Mullaivaikkal were given evicted by the police. In this case, the police and the military are responsible for the theft of the monument.

The Gotabhaya government in power today was Defense Secretary when the planned genocide of Tamils took place in 2009. While Tamils ​​are calling for international justice for this planned genocide, it is reprehensible that today the military and the police are not even allowing to commemorate the crisis.

There are monuments all over the Tamil Nation for the army that committed genocide against the Tamil people. But to the Tamils ​​who own this land, they cannot keep a memorial in their soil and pay homage to their relations who were massacred in the war.

The main reason for this situation is the Sri Lankan government which is committing this barbarism in the hope that it will not be held accountable for whatever it does, as a result of a decade-long opportunity for an internal investigation into the genocide of the Tamil people and an escape from punishment.

We have to look at this incident as an echo of the cooperation given to the implementation of Resolution 46/1 in Geneva on March 23, especially when this Gotabhaya government was in office.

Selvarasa Gajendran also said that it is not only the incumbent Gotabhaya government, the Military, and the police that are responsible for carrying out such repression. But it is also the international community and those who supported the internal investigation and not taking the killings to International Criminal Court for their benefit.

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