Sri Lankan govt constantly threatens Tamil youths- Tamil MP Chanakya

The Sri Lankan government would keep anyone on its lap and imprison innocent Tamil youths for their own sake, Batticaloa District Tamil National Alliance MP R. Chanakya said.

Moreover, this government is a government that continues to carry out anti-Tamil activities. It is a subject that I too often talk about in Parliament. This government has consistently threatened our youth and arrested many people under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

A lot of members of our youth front are not in this event of planting palm seeds. Sopanan, a prominent activist of the Tamil Arasu Party of Sri Lanka, has been arrested, detained for nearly a year under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It exposes the double standard of the government.

The government keep arresting the Tamil youths to frighten the Sinhala people by claiming that the youths are carrying out programmes to rebuild the LTTE in Southern Sri Lanka.

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