No one can stop us from paying tribute to our relatives, who were killed in Mullivaikkal says K.Jayavanitha

No one can stop paying tribute to our relatives, who were killed in the Mullivaikkal massacre, said Kasi Pillai Jayavanitha, chairperson of the Association for the Search for Relatives who were abducted and disappeared in the Tamil homeland.

K.Jayavanitha said, Mullivaikkal Memorial Day falls on the 18th of this month. It is our duty to pay tribute to those who were massacred there. No one can stop us from going to Mullivaikkal and remembering our dead relatives. But it has not decided what to do as the spread of the coronavirus has increased in the country this year.

Our Struggle began on 23rd January 2017 with a hunger strike until death. After four days of struggle, then Minister of Foreign Affairs Ruwan Vijayawardena came to us in person and assured us that the solution for your missing relatives would be resolved at the Alari Palace on the 9th of February. So we abandoned our struggle.

Sumanthiran Member of Parliament disturbed the meeting at Alari Hall. So, we had said that we would continue the struggle until we find the solution. The then Foreign Minister said that he was also insulted and he will also support our struggle.

On the 24th of February 2017, we started a series of struggles in rotation. Today (08.05.2021) 1539 days have passed since this struggle started in rotation and this government is silent without giving any answer. That is why we are fighting in the hope that all countries including the United States, the European Union, and India will come and help us and find a solution for the entire Tamil people.

The Tamil people are giving their full cooperation to our struggle. They provide food, drying, and clothing. So thank you to these people. With the availability of such assistance, we can overcome many obstacles. We need a solution for our children and Tamils. Without justice, the Tamil people will not be able to stand on the streets in the future.

Kasi Pillai Jayavanitha further said that we are carrying out our struggles with full evidence for losing our children to military atrocity.

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