Increasing Corona cases in Sri Lanka – more than 700 dead

The number of corona infections in Sri Lanka has increased to 1,23,2340 while 764 people have died.

In addition, 3892 persons were detained in 36 government-run isolation centers and 2473 in 38 private isolation centers.

At the same time, many parts of Sri Lanka such as Jaffna, Trincomalee, and Colombo are following the rules of isolation.

the Director of the Family Health Bureau, Specialist Chitramaali de Silva, said that 130 pregnant women with coronavirus were being treated in hospitals. Following this Padma Gunaratne, President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association warned that pregnant mothers should be vigilant 

Medical associations have called on President Gotabhaya to implement seven recommendations, including stricter movement restrictions, increase the number of testing, and isolation of asymptomatic patients at home.

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