Continue your support for the well-being of Eelam Tamils : P2P

Congratulations to the Hon’ble M.K.Stalin-led Dravida Munnetra Kazhaka (DMK) government who won the 2021 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu and taken charge in the office on behalf of the People’s Uprising Movement from Pottuvil to Polikandy and behalf of Eelam Tamils. We extend our special congratulations to His Excellency MK Stalin who is taking over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the first time. 

In the statement released by the People’s Uprising Movement from Pottuvil to Polikandy, it is said as follows.

As you have taken charge, We kindly request you to pay special attention to the Central Government of India to urge the world community to conduct an independent and credible international inquiry into the human rights abuses, war crimes, and genocide in Sri Lanka, which were proposed in the DMK election manifesto under the title Welfare of Eelam Tamil. The diluted political power-sharing is implied throughout the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. The UN has reached an agreement with Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka and expatriate Eelam Tamils ​​to find a permanent political solution to the wishes of the Tamils ​​there and conduct a referendum under the supervision of the council. 

With all the love, we request to insist on the Central Government to compel the Government of Sri Lanka to make legal provisions to give full powers to the Tamils ​​in the newly constituted Constitution of Sri Lanka.

The strong cultural and cultural ties that have existed between the Tamils of Tamil Nadu and Eelam Tamils for years will form the basis for the steady growth of Tamil nationalism.

We would like to reiterate here that the determination and strength of Tamil Eelam are essential for the security of the southern coast of India and Tamil Nadu, and we rightly emphasize that Tamil Nadu has a moral obligation to strengthen Tamil Eelam for its re-emergence.

We look forward to further developing Tamil Nadu and strengthening our relationship with Eelam during their tenure. We also pray for the speedy recovery of Tamil Nadu from the present Covid-19 disaster.


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