Military bans Journalist from entering Mullivaikkal memorial

The military, police, and intelligence agencies barred journalists from entering the May 18 commemoration site.

It has become usual to commemorate the Tamils ​​who were killed on the Mullivaikkal soil on May 18 in the midst of many obstacles and challenges.

The ban for commemorating May 18 this year has been lifted by Mullaitivu Magistrate’s Court. Public and political parties are advised to follow the Covid-19 protocol during the gathering.

Stating the security issues the military has barred journalists from visiting the Mullivaikkal memorial. All three ways to the memorial site have been closed by the police, military, and intelligence. The military has deported journalists who went to the site after noting down their motorcycle numbers.

Even though the Mullaitheevu court has granted permission for the commemoration, the military, police, and intelligence agencies have barred people from entering the area is a violation of the law.


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