Like our loved ones, their memorial tomb is also missing – The Association for Enforced Disappearance

The Association of Enforced Disappearances in the North East strongly condemns the destruction of the memorial tomb in Mullivaikkal.

In a statement issued by the association,

“The culmination of the genocide that destroyed the very existence of the Tamil people by destroying their ethnic heritage, living rights, education, art, and cultural values, which were gradually carried out by the Sri Lankan government to alienate our people who have lost our ties and are living with the grief of the genocide. Without knowing the date, time, or place of their death, we consider the last day of the war as the memorial day and the courtyard of Mullivaikkal as the place of the dead. For passing this grief to our younger generation about how our loved ones.

The Sinhala government has been systematically carrying out Tamil genocide over time. This genocide has led to the disappearance of tens of thousands during the final days of the war.

Its peak genocide lasted until May 18, 2009.

The Sri Lankan government is boldly repeating its anarchy because the international community, which has been silently watching the planned extermination of Tamil ethnic group, has not yet come forward to deliver “an international justice” even after the human tragedy that has taken place.

The Sri Lanka government continues to deny the right to “remembrance”, a fundamental right recognized in international standards. Also, the monument erected in the courtyard of Mullivaikkal was openly damaged and disappearance is a violation of human dignity. The Sri Lankan government which made our loved ones disappear is not even allowing us to remember them.


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