We all should pay tribute to the people who were massacred on May 18 – Mavai Senathirajah

Mavai Senathirajah, the leader of Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchi, has said that it is the duty of every one of us to pay homage to the relations by lighting the lamps at 6 pm on May 18. 

He further said, “As the is custom of people to pay their respects on the morning of May 18 in Mullivaikkal area, the event was organized.

In this situation, the organizers took action on the 12th to plant a seedling. It was blocked. As well as the existing monument has been broken. We express our condemnation on behalf of Tamil in Sri Lanka.

The deadly disease of the corona has spread and killed many in our region as in the rest of the world. Because of the restrictions imposed by the World Health Organization and the Government of Sri Lanka to control this, we organized the May 18 commemoration event very closely.

In this situation, the civilization of this country is so bad that the Tamil people have created an environment where they can not even shed tears of peace thinking of their relations beyond such massive destruction. This is to be condemned by the nations of the world.

This problem is now being taken to the international community as the Sri Lankan Tamil ethnic issue has not been resolved. The government needs to be held accountable for that.

We inform the international community that those who died in the war for the liberation of the Tamil national race and those who sacrificed their lives are not allowed to be commemorated in peace in this country.

In any case, it is the duty of all the Tamil people to remember the tragedies that have befallen us so far, to fill their hearts with the ideal thirst, and to pay homage by lighting the lamp or candle in their homes and communities on May 18 at 6 pm.”

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