‘Jaffna Heritage Center’, a new body to preserve historical monuments

To protect the historical monuments in the Jaffna, a new organization called ‘Jaffna Heritage Center’ with 11 members was inaugurated on Sunday (09).

The purpose of this organization is to protect and rebuild the Mantri Manai, Sangiliyan Palace, and Yamuna Lake in Jaffna. Mayor of Jaffna Vishwalingam Manivannan was making the effort to establish this organization to protect heritage symbols. 

In the meeting, History Professor Paramu Pusparatnam has been elected as the Chairman of the Jaffna Heritage Center. 

Also, Dr. Raviraj and Dr. Nadaraja Sukitaraj have been elected as the Deputy Chairpersons. Rajendram Rames, Registrar of the Medical College as the Secretary, and Basupramaniyam Kapilan as the Deputy Secretaries.

Professor Selvaratnam Chandrasekaram has been chosen as the Treasurer, Sivakanthan Dhanujan as the Coordinator, and Varadarajan Parthiban as the Editor.

Also, Viswalingam Manivannan, Visvabalasingam Manimaran, and Poovanasundaram Aruran have been elected as members of the Jaffna Heritage Center.

It is also said that, with the participation of the public, the organization will be involved in the conservation of historical monuments. And in the future, all historical monuments in the Northern and Eastern Provinces will be protected.

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