Buddhist gathering in Mullaitheevu, Violation of Covid-19 restrictions

Archaeological Department is conducting a Buddhist worship event at the Mullaitivu Security Forces Headquarters in Kurundur malai. Hundreds of soldiers and monks took part in the event when there is a restriction to hold gatherings in the nation due to Covid-19. 

As it is said that the ancient Gurunthava Ashoka Buddha Vihar is damaged, the Archeological department has started the religious custom before starting the renovation works. It is known that All Sri Lanka Buddha Congress leader Jagath Sumathipala would join the inauguration event tomorrow. 

Due to the increase in Corona cases, the GOSL has banned all religious and other gatherinDespitee of it, the Military has organized this meeting with 29 monks and soldiers without any permission from District and Health Department Authorities. 

It is also said that there is a lack of transparency regarding the excavations at Kurundurmalai.  Local Tamil journalists have been denied permission to the excavation site for the past four months. But all of a sudden a religious worship event has been held by the Army has brought many doubts among the natives.

Previously, the Army chief and Covid task force leader Shavendra Silva has said that, Due to the increase in Corona cases, anyone who organizes or attends the Mullivaikal memorial meeting on May 18th will be arrested. But the event was conducted by the army and archeological department with 25 Buddhist monks without informing the police or the district magistrate, or the public health inspector.

It has been revealed that the religious event was conducted by the Buddhist monk with high security, and reconstruction work will be carried out from tomorrow.


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