Afghan President blames U.S. troops for worsening violence

The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani blamed the United States’ troops’ rapid pullout for the worsening violence in Afghanistan. 

Ashraf Ghani also urged lawmakers to back a national mobilisation drive against the Taliban amid an intensifying war between the Taliban and Afghan government forces over the past few months as U.S. and NATO troops complete their pullout from the war-torn country, AP reported. 

“An imported, hasty” peace process — a reference to Washington’s push for negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban — “not only failed to bring peace but created doubt and ambiguity” among Afghans, Mr. Ghani said in his address to Parliament.

“The Taliban do not believe in lasting or just peace,” Mr. Ghani said. He predicted a sea change on the battlefield “in the next six months” that would push the Taliban back, without elaborating. 

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