Stop the deportation of Tamil refugee: German Tamils urges German govt  

People ‘s Council of Eelam Tamils (VETD) has urged the German government to immediately stop the deportation of an Eelam Tamil asylum-seeker, torture survivor Sasi K.

According to People ‘s Council of Eelam Tamils, Sasi K. moved to Germany in 2015 and was taken into immigration detention in Büren last Friday. His deportation is set to take place on Tuesday, 3 August at 4.50 p.m; at Frankfurt airport.

The council’s statement highlights that Sasi K. was detained and tortured by Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The statement further notes that his forceful departure would have long-lasting impacts on his severely disabled wife. 

People ‘s Council of Eelam Tamils stresses that the deportation is “incomprehensible considering the catastrophic human rights record” in Sri Lanka. It notes that with the widening militarisation of the country, systematic torture and sexual violence is also increasing. 

“In addition, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) does not guarantee the rule of law, as detainees can be arrested for an indefinite period of time without a hearing”, it added. 

Between April and June 2021, Germany deported over 50 Eelam Tamil refugees to Sri Lanka despite the risk of persecution and torture. 


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