The highest earning YouTubers

YouTube channel, ‘Ape Amma’ has been recognized as the highest-earning YouTube channel in Sri Lanka.

According to a new international survey, the Sri Lankan YouTube channel ‘Ape Amma’ estimatedly earns US$ 962, 386 via ad revenue alone.

As per the survey, ‘Ape Amma’, which shares food-related content, is amongst the top YouTube channels in Asia and Oceania.

Key Findings of the survey 

American kids’ channel Cocomelon is the highest-earning YouTube channel of all time, with an estimated $282.8m amassed from its videos since its creation in 2006.

A creator with content made for children had the most profitable channel in five of six continents.

As well as Cocomelon in North America, Europe and South America also have kids’ channels as their highest earners. Russia’s Like Nastya ($167.5m) and Argentina’s El Reino Infantil ($102.2m) have both amassed more than $100m from YouTube revenue in their channels’ history.

With more than 22 billion views, American YouTuber FGTeeV has earned the most of any gaming channel in their career, making over $47m in that time.

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