China tightens regulations on disciplinary action

The Chinese Communist Party has revised regulations on disciplinary action to tighten crackdowns on corruption and moral problems among party members.

Some of the new rules are aimed at punishing those who deviate from policies of President Xi Jinping, apparently to promote his political philosophy and call for loyalty to him.

The revision was reported by China’s state-run media on Wednesday.

The reports say the new regulations provide tighter disciplinary safeguards to build China into a stronger and rejuvenated nation on all fronts by pursuing Chinese-style modernization.

One of the new rules says those who deviate from Xi’s policies of “new development” and “high-quality development” could be purged from the party in the most serious punishment.

Party members who have already retired from their posts can also be subject to disciplinary measures.

As Xi has been concentrating political power, some foreign media outlets say frustration is growing among former party executives and their children.

The amended regulations also say officials can be disciplined for failing to properly respond to petitions from the people.

Beijing watchers say the Xi leadership apparently aims to tighten his grip on the party while seeking support from the public.


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