The Family Man 2: The propaganda against the struggle of Eelam Tamils- Fatimaharan

It is a confirmed fact that in the history of the world, conceptions on the history of the people’s freedom struggles will give world acceptance to the objective of that freedom struggle.

It is natural that the countries opposing the freedom struggles could use disinformation tactics to eradicate the actual information on those struggles.

The OTT Platforms’ technological infusion into daily life has raised the importance of web series next to the films. Nowadays, this latest creative way also helps to create the public opinion as like as films. American Linguist and Philosopher Noam Chomsky have said this as “The art of disappearing unwanted facts.” For such act, mass media are using as propaganda machines.

Along these lines, The Family Man 2 created to hide the truth behind the Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle, one of the significant independence struggles in the 21st Century. As the web series is available to watch worldwide, its become an international issue that Eelam Tamils need to address.

The place where the story takes place and choosing the name of the character, which is close to the pronunciation of the name ‘Prabhakaran’, turn this story into an account of Eelam People and their highly esteemed leader Prabhakaran.

It is a known fact to the world that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) completely banned the consumption of alcohol among its fighters, and it’s considered as one of the quality to be a fighter. But in this series, the story constructed like a close-aide of Baskaran advising him not to drink alcohol in London. In that scene, Baskaran appeared with a glass of wine, attempting to disturb the leader’s self-respect and defaming the struggle of the Eelam community.

In addition, the series converted the story of independence into the story of personal revenge of the lead character.  Picturising the story in such a way, has directly distorted the truth on the Tamils Liberation struggle.

The story further depicts that the lead antagonist character Bhaskaran was planning attacks in Chennai in collaboration with Pakistan’s terrorist group, has a motive to showing the LTTE as an anti-Indian movement among the people of India. This is a deliberate conspiracy to prevent good relations between the Indian people and the Eelam people.

Samantha, a character created in the ideology of being prepared to do anything for their needs, is abruptly vulgarising the selfless sacrifices and dedications of women fighters. It confirms how far this web series is intended to deepen the thought process against the Eelam people who fought for their self-determination.

There is no doubt that this series is an act of political conspiracy against the Eelam Tamils. When the international community is preparing to investigate Sri Lanka’s human rights violations, crimes against humanity, war crimes, the series creators are in the business of doing propaganda against Eelam Tamils.

The intelligence agencies, which worked together during the war against the Eelam Tamils, are fearing that such investigation could identify their international crimes and collectively punishes them. The agencies could support this web series as a tactic to delay an international inquiry.

So, Tamils in Tamil Nadu and around the world cannot consider it merely as a web series created for entertainment or a series that carefully constructed the history of the Independence Struggle of Tamil Eelam.

The unanimous conclusion of the world’s Tamils is that the video series has been released on Amazon Prime not only the dignity of this race but also a conspiracy to undermine the respect of the Tamil people.   As a result, the Tamils feel the impact of the absence of national media at the international level.

We firmly believe that the national media for Eelam Tamils will be a part of the democratic struggle; it will helps in the struggle to attain our lost political rights.

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