We are not waiting for a regime change – US

We are not waiting for the change of government to offer aid or assistance to Sri Lanka, U.S. Ambassador Julie Chung said on Wednesday (6) in a press meeting at her residence.

There had been misinformation that the international community was holding back aid or assistance at this time of need for Sri Lanka.

I have said the U.S. supports Sri Lanka people. Most countries say that. Our support is not dependent on who is sitting in the presidential chair or the prime minister’s chair.

It is not the government or the ministers who stand in fuel queues. It is the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable. Our partnership is to address the needs of people.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was the only way for Sri Lanka since no international bank or government would lend to a country in debt restructuring needs. The U.S. does not directly involved in talks between Sri Lanka and the IMF

I know there is an interest in obtaining fuel. The U.S. has no sanctions against third countries. We have sanctions against Russian oil into the U. S. because we have the productive capacity.

It was really disappointing that it was not approved last time and otherwise, Sri Lankan people could have benefitted from the US $ 500 million grant. There was a lot of disinformation and manipulation of misinformation. I hope someday in the future, there could be some consideration, she added.


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