Hundred Flights from Sri Lanka refueled in Tamil Nadu

As Sri Lanka continues to reel under the effects of its worst economic crisis since independence and the subsequent fuel shortage, the Indian government-owned oil and gas explorer and producer, Bharat Petroleum has stepped up to refuel the country’s aircrafts.

In an update released on social media, Bharat Petroleum has shared that as many as 100 flights from Sri Lanka have been refuelled so far at Trivandrum, Chennai and Kochi airports.

Along with an image of the refuelling process underway, Bharat Petroleum said on Twitter, “United with Sri Lanka. We are pleased to support SriLankan Airlines, with the refueling of their long-haul flights at Indian airports, to overcome the Jet Fuel shortage in their country. So far, more than 100 flights have been refuelled at Trivandrum, Chennai and Kochi airports.”

In another tweet, Bharat Petroleum said that they have been associated with SriLankan Airlines for “over a decade”. They said, “These refuelings have been done over the last fortnight by mobilising the assets and manpower for the on time service, at very short notice. We have been associated with SriLankan Airlines for over a decade, as their refuelling partners.”

Replying to the post, SriLankan Airlines said, “Thank you, BPC Limited. We truly value our partnership.”

As per a report by ANI, SriLankan Airlines management had issued an internal memo to its employees last week in which it announced that the airline had run out of available jet fuel stocks on June 29.

CommentsSri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Tuesday also referred to the airlines while speaking about the economy. He said that the state enterprises have incurred huge losses, adding that as of March 31, 2021, Sri Lankan Airlines owes ₹ 541 billion.


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