Teachers fighting for their rightful dues: United National Party

Colombo: United National Party is empathetic towards the teachers fighting for their rightful dues, UNP General Secretary Palitha Range Bandara said in a statement.

Over the past several days, teachers have staged protests around the country with the demands of salary hike, repealing of Kotelawala National Defence University (KNDU) bill. However, the government under Gotabaya Rajapaksa is repressing the teachers by threatening, arresting and abducting them.

“The teachers are not asking for a lot. All they ask for is their dues to be paid as they have commitments too,” UNP General Secretary Palitha Range Bandara said.

Bandara went on to note that back in 2019 when the UNP was the ruling party, an appeal was made to the cabinet asking for a raise in wages. However, this appeal did not materialise due to the change in governments, The Morning Lanka reported.

He also stated that the people voted for a leader who they assumed would bring about a change and comply with their needs. Whereas today, their voices are not heard, making them beg and plead on the roads.

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