Tamils protest against genocidal government’s president

The incident where the Tamil people protested by blocking the vehicle of the President of Sri Lanka Gotabhaya caused a great stir.

Diaspora Tamils ​​have been protesting at the Hilton Hotel in Hydro Perth Rd, Dunblane, Glasgow since early this morning. There was a lot of commotion following that and the police were heavily marked.

According to the UN’s 2012 internal review report on Sri Lanka, the credible estimate of Tamils killed in 2009 is more than 70,000. The most precise estimate listed in the report was 146,679.

Another UN report from 2011, acknowledged that most of these deaths were caused by the government announcing a series of no-fly zones, of which they encouraged Tamil civilian populations to shelter in, and then they were subsequently bombarded by land, air and sea.

Amnesty estimates that there are as many as 100,000 Tamil people who are missing, with their families still not knowing if they have been killed or imprisoned by government forces.

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