Tamil homeland neglected by the government in vaccination process

Allegations have surfaced that the North-Eastern Provinces where Tamils Tamils live prominently are being ignored in the government’s immunization program as corona infections are on the rise in Sri Lanka. The number of corona victims in Sri Lanka has increased to 161,242 so far. The death toll rose to 1,133.

Due to this, vaccination activities for coronavirus are being carried out rapidly in Sri Lanka. Concerns have been raised that the government has not taken any action to load the corona vaccine in the North Eastern Province in this situation.

While thousands of people are being vaccinated daily in Sinhala densely populated areas, no vaccinations have been reported in the north-eastern province where Tamil is populated more.

It is also reported that health workers in the North East have not yet been fully vaccinated.

It is noteworthy that the government, which was the first to select the north-eastern regions to isolate victims and their families during the corona outbreak in Sri Lanka, has been reluctant to provide the vaccine.

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