Tamil and Sinhala languages neglected in Jaffna

The name board of a Chinese state-owned company in Savagacheri is written only in Chinese and English.

The building, which is set up for office use, is fully written in both languages ​​and has a separate nameplate on display.

Sinhala and Tamil, the official languages ​​of Sri Lanka, have been completely ignored and named.

The Buddhist monks and the ruling party who fought against the Arabic name board in Kattankudy, have not questioned the use of the Chinese language anywhere in Sri Lanka today.

In an inscription in the Attorney General’s Palace, the Chinese ambassador said that the place they had gifted for the presence of the Chinese language was so used in the Chinese language. While Tamil is the main language in the North East, Chinese is the only language on display without Tamil and Sinhala.

In this context, the question arises whether history repeats as China which captured the Sinhala monarch took the king to china in the 15th century, in the 21st century also.

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