Sri Lanka’s Former Consumer Affairs Director lodges ‘white van’ complaint

Former Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Executive Director Thushan Gunawardena has lodged a complaint with the Kirulapone Police on 10 October regarding an incident where a group of persons had arrived at his house in a white van on 7 October, The Morning reported. 

It further reports that Gunawardena recently resigned from the said post, claiming that he had to face various political influences and threats while attempting to carry out the duties of the CAA independently. 

Speaking to The Morning yesterday (11), he said that the incident is definitely related to his previous job (CAA Executive Director) and that therefore, a complaint was lodged with the Kirulapone Police on 10 October requesting an investigation into the incident. 

Elaborating on the incident, Gunawardena noted: “I was away from Colombo on 7 October. That morning, three or four people have come in a white van and searched for my house. A woman in the neighbourhood had seen one of those persons in the van get out of the vehicle and say: ‘This is the house’.” According to him, the said woman had informed her husband about the incident who had in turn informed him (Gunawardena) of the incident. 

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