Sri Lankan Navy Attacks Tamil Nadu Fishermen With Stones

The Sri Lankan Navy attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen continue alarmingly day by day; this time, the Navy used stones to attack the fishermen. 

A fisherman from Rameswaram was injured in an incident on Wednesday night when a group of fishermen had ventured into the sea from Mandapam port in Tamil Nadu.

The fishermen said they were fishing near Kachchatheevu when five Sri Lankan Navy patrol boats surrounded them and began throwing stones at them.

Kachchatheevu is a disputed island in the Palk Strait. The island is the centre of a long-standing dispute between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Jayapaul, a fisherman from the Rameswaram who was part of the group, suffered injuries in his head. He collapsed after the stones hurled by the Lankan Navy team hit him.

“We left around 9 am yesterday [Wednesday] from Mandapam. Around 7 pm, the Sri Lankan Navy surrounded us and began attacking us with stones,” said injured fishermen Jayapaul.

He said, “One of the stones hit me. I had to cut the net, and we escaped. I fell unconscious. Once I reached the shore, I was taken to a hospital where they treated me and stitched my wound.”

Jayapaul claimed “harassment by the Sri Lankan Navy was turning severe” and urged the Indian government’s intervention in the matter.

Last week, a fisherman from Nagapattinam was injured after a bullet fired by the Sri Lankan Navy personnel grazed his head.


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