Sri Lanka will remain mindful of our bilateral ties: India on Colombo Port project

In response to the $1.4 billion China-backed Colombo Port City project, India yesterday says Sri Lanka will remain mindful of our bilateral cooperation, including maritime security. 

During a media briefing, Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson of India’s External Affairs Ministry says, “Regarding the Colombo Port City project, we have been closely following recent developments from our security perspective. We have also noted the concerns that have been raised in Sri Lanka regarding several aspects of the framework for the Colombo Port City.”

“Sri Lanka will remain mindful of our excellent bilateral cooperation, including for mutual security in our shared environment, which includes the maritime domain,” he further said. 

The Sri Lankan Parliament recently approved the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill, which allows China to build the port city on land reclaimed from the sea.

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