Sri Lanka: Escalating international pressure and the release of Tamil prisoners

The release of all political prisoners can be made possible if the Tamil leadership acts honestly based on the interests of the Tamil community, Tamil National People Front’s Member of Parliament Gajendran has said. 

“Prisoners are our Tamil relations. All were arrested under this notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act. There are also former fighters who fought for the freedom of the Tamil Nation. At the same time, people who support the struggle or suspicion of supporting the struggle also detained. Our long-standing demand is that all should be released…In that way, it is a matter of happiness that 16 political prisoners have now been released. But, the release did not take place in a goodwill sense,” Gajendran said. 

“Moreover, as the Gotabaya government leaning toward China, the international pressures on Sri Lanka are growing. The Gotabaya government made this release to deal with those escalating global pressures. This pressure has made their release possible,” he adds.  

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