Permanent political solution is the Tamils expectation: Saba Gugadas

Former Northern Provincial Council member Saba Gugadas urges that the Tamil side should prepare a firm stand to deal with the current political scenario on the island of Sri Lanka in its favour and make diplomatic moves.   

“It is a great disappointment to Tamils that the agenda of the Sri Lankan regime does not changed except by transferring people in the regime from 1948 to 2019.

But the foreign policy of the current government is quite different than the past rulers, and the continuing pressure of the Indian and Western countries has begun to emerge due to the policy shift. 

The Tamil side must step in to obtain a political solution through international global diplomatic moves, as the current Gotabhaya regime continues until 2025. So the expectation of the Tamil people is not just changing government, but a permanent political solution,” Saba Gugadas said. 


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