Relatives of missing persons accuses Tamil Politicians on meeting SL Minister

The Relatives of those who went missing held the press conference in Vavuniya. in this conference, they said the meeting between Tamil politicians and Namal Rajapaksa was an attempt to protect Colombo.

Relatives of those who went missing said, On the 3rd of this month, in the midst of the Covid-19 impact, the most important meeting between India and the United States took place in London. There was talk of using justice for the suffering of Tamils ​​as a trump card to punish Sri Lanka for supporting the Chinese occupation.

Meanwhile, all Tamil politicians have come together to meet Sinhala Minister Namal Rajapaksa on the subject of land grabbing. this meeting is to show the world that Tamils ​​and Sinhalese can talk and work together.

The message of Tamil political leaders is that no foreign involvement is needed to solve the problem of Tamils. but the reality is contradictory to it. The lesson of 73 years has taught us that there is no fruitful activity in talking to the Sinhalese.

We have never seen Tamil politicians come together for the political to protest the rights of Tamils ​​or for development in the Tamil homeland or for the formation of Tamil Provincial Councils in the North and East.

Their meeting has given the world the impression that there is no need for US or Indian intervention in Sri Lanka. Tamil politicians are not interested in political freedom for Tamils. it looks like Tamil politicians are afraid of any solution in terms of sovereignty 

During the Human Rights Council session earlier this year, the same Tamil politicians met the Sinhala minister. This resulted in the international loss of the nominee to the ICC. Instead, the matter of accountability was handed over to Sri Lanka.

So we see their meeting as an attempt to protect Colombo. We want to expose this to the Tamils. Awakening is the liberation of a race. They said the justice of journalist Nimalarajan would have made Tamil politicians aware of international involvement.

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