Referendum should be held in Sri lanka: Seeman

“We are struggling to prove that what happened in Sri Lanka was genocide. The international community and India refuses to accept it. They stand on the scale of war crimes. There must be a consensus that the slaughtered race has no chance of coexisting with the race which slaughtered them. so, a referendum must be held in Sri Lanka. ” Seeman, the chief coordinator of the Naam Tamil Party, said.

May 18 marks the 12th anniversary of the end of the Sri Lankan Civil War. In turn, Seeman, one of the leading voices in Tamil Nadu in support of the Sri Lankan Tamils ​​and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), posted a commemorative video on his Twitter page.

In that video, Seeman said, “a referendum should be held in Sri Lanka. But, the nations of the world do not like it. In particular, India is a subcontinent big country and does not want it. But, after we have established a state for ourselves in our motherland Tamil Nadu, India cannot escape without speaking for us. India is not the ruling prime minister in the middle. Union of several states.

But, when we come to power, West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and everyone will speak. Let’s integrate everyone to speak for our cause. We made Punjab speak for us, Let’s make Tripura and Manipur talk about us. Let all races speak for us and the Indian voice be our voice. Then let the international community look back at our voice.

We have completed 10 years since we started the Naam Tamil Party.

Ambedkar has said, ‘be determined to work for the purpose you have. Give up the thinking that you are working for someone. My dear ones, friends, Tamil relations all over the world, stand by my side.

I swear on Prabhakaran that I will not compromise for Tamil Nadu and the motherland at any time. He added that he would not compromise on anything for position and meager money.”

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