Protest to stop deportation of Tamil refugees from Germany

International Human Rights Association Bremen (IMRV) and Voice – Ulaga Tamilar Urimaikural have planned to protest opposite 77975 Ringsheim (Bahnhof ) train station today against the deportation of Eelam Tamil refugees from Germany.

As the German Home Affairs Ministry is to reconsider the decision  on deportations today, the protest is planned to be held to stop further deportations of Tamil refugees.

A significant resolution on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka was adopted at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva in March 2021.

Germany was one of the key signatories of this resolution. However, Germany has been deporting Eelam Tamil  refugees back to Sri Lanka, where they face persecution. And the deportation plans are still on.

In the wake of Germany’s ongoing deportations , the protest is planned to be held today at 11: 30 AM. The organisers have invited the rights activists and Tamil community members to attend the protest.

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