Our struggle continues in the hope of finding a solution: Rajkumar

Rajkumar, secretary of the Association for Missing Persons in Tamil Eelam, told the “Quest” news agency about the struggle of the missing relatives.

“Our struggle continues today to the 1568th day.

Due to the  Second travel ban, there are currently no women in the protest. Yet the struggle continues at the home of the head of the Missing Persons Association.

Relatives of the missing, who are determined to continue the struggle, are not ready to buy into any of the payments currently being made by the government. They also seek help from Tamil political parties and diaspora relations.

Rajkumar also said, through the embassies of the countries like India, America, Canada, Germany, and Britain which are powerful in the UN, we are requesting the four-point call to the international investigation for the missing people in Tamil  Eelam and referendum for Tamil homeland.

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