Sri Lanka: North and East are still like war days- MP Selvarasa Gajendran

Tamil National People’s Front MP Selvarasa Gajendran said that even after the end of the war, the North and East of Sri Lanka are still like the days living under a war.

In an interview with Ilakku Media, MP says the army occupied Theerthakarai, an area located in the Kalkovalam area of the Divisional Secretary’s Division of Paruthithurai in Jaffna set up a military camp in the area.

The military camp is still situated there for 12 years after the end of the war. At present, the soldiers are trying to own the land completely.

Of the 20 regiments in Sri Lanka, 16 are stationed in the north and east.

There are 13 regiments in the Northern Province. The military and the government are continuously involving in the occupation of people lands. Such occupation should be withdrawn from our land.




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