Memorial day of Pon. SivaKumar, the first martyr of Tamil Eelam

Today is the 47th anniversary of the martyrdom of Tiyagi Pon Sivakumaran, the first heroic hero for the liberation of the Eelam Tamil people.

Pon Sivakumaran, born on August 26, 1950, was the first martyr in the history of the Eelam war. He poisoned himself on June 5, 1974, during a police patrol in Urumpirai at Jaffna.

A memorial statue has been erected in his memory near the Urumpirai Public Market in Jaffna. A special feature is the erection of a memorial to him at Urumpirai Vempati Cemetery.

Sivakumaran was only 23 years old at the time of his death. The beginnings of the history of the Eelam struggle were largely filled with student movements.

Educational standardization has contributed to the educational oppression of Tamils. Pon. Sivakumaran is an old student of Jaffna Hindu College who fought against the oppression when it was imposed on Tamil students and eventually embraced martyrdom by drinking poison (cyanide). Even a senior guide who spearheaded the great revolution and uprising of the students.

The first martyr Pon. Sivakumaran’s Remembrance Day is celebrated on June 6 in Eelam and Diaspora.

He embraced martyrdom on June 5, 1974, as the first volunteer of the liberation struggle by drinking cyanide with the lofty goal of not being captured alive by the enemy. Sivakumaran’s death caused a stir among the youth at that time.

His final event was the first time women came to the cremation.

The government announced that Sivakumaran would be rewarded with five thousand Sri Lankan rupees for his head as Sivakumaran’s uprising activities attracted the younger community at the time and all of them began to mobilize.

Being a first student in the Eelam War. He died as a volunteer after drinking cyanide, a seed in the history of the Eelam struggle!

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