Health dept. denied permission for the commemoration of martyr Pon.Sivakumar

Valikamam East Pradeshiya Sabha chairperson Thiyagaraja Nirosh tried to pay his respects at the memorial this morning on the 47th anniversary of the death of Thiyagi Pon Sivakumaran, he was stopped by the police on health grounds. hence he paid his tribute in a private place.

Today is the 47th anniversary of Pon. Sivakumar, who is the first martyr of the liberation struggle of the Tamil people. This day is officially celebrated annually by Valikamam East Pradeshiya Sabha. In this situation, police have tightened the travel restriction near the statue of Pon Sivakumaran.

It was decided at the meeting of the council to make the public commemoration after the corona travel restrictions are removed.  However, it was also decided that the lamp will be lighted today near the statue of the martyr Pon. Sivakumar.

Police surrounded Chairman as he was carrying commemorative items near the statue. The plaintiffs argued that the lamp should be kept near the statue and the police could not prevent their right to pay tribute.

Police officers who were present at the event requested that they have allowed people for essential services in the face of the government’s public travel ban. As lighting Lamp is not an essential service, they can do it after the travel ban is removed. for this, the chairman said, “we do not disagree with police because travel ban is only for the benefit of the public. so with the approval of the police, we will carry out the commemoration after the ban is lifted.”

After this, in a special place in Urumpirai homage was paid.

Chairman later commented that the government was acting with the intention of blocking the commemorations. There is no second opinion on it. However, everyone has a responsibility to follow the rules in the country regarding health practices. I paid tribute in the exclusive place so that we would not be violating the responsibility. He said after the travel ban is lifted Sivakumaran’s tribute event will be held in public as planned.


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