Medvedev predicts EU breakup, civil war in the US

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev wished the West “a happy new year” with his “futuristic” prognosis, which predicted a lot of problems.

“Everybody likes to make predictions before New Year’s. Many are coming up with futuristic hypotheses, competing in suggesting the most unexpected or even absurd ones. Let’s also contribute,” he wrote on his Telegram channel on Monday, providing a 10-point list.

It includes oil at $150 per barrel and gas at $5,000 per 1,000 cubic meters, the UK returning to the EU and the subsequent breakup of the European Union. The politician also forecasts “Poland and Hungary capturing western regions of the former Ukraine,” “the creation of the Fourth Reich on the basis of Germany and its allied satellites” and a subsequent war of this union with France followed by the division of Europe and “the new partition of Poland.”

A separate entry is devoted to Northern Ireland seceding from the UK and joining the Republic of Ireland.

The “forecasts” also include “a civil war in the US, California and Texas becoming independent countries,” Elon Musk’s election as president and the rejection of the euro and dollar as global reserve currencies.

In conclusion, Medvedev wished his “Anglo-Saxon friends” and their allies “a happy new year.”.



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