Dual citizenship applications increase in Sri Lanka

Requests have reportedly been made by 5,401 individuals to the Department of Immigration and Emigration for obtaining dual citizenship in the year 2021.

The Department of Immigration and Emigration pointed out that the majority of them are residents of Australia, which is numerically 1,621 individuals.

Meanwhile, dual citizenship requests have been made by 885 individuals from the United Kingdom, 795 from the United States, 371 from Canada and several others from the countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, France and Denmark.

Accordingly, the Immigration and Emigration Department has reportedly taken steps to provide them with dual citizenship.

In the meantime, the relevant department has issued 382,560 passports in 2021. The number of diplomatic passports issued in 2021 is 398, which is a significant increase compared to 2020, according to the Immigration and Emigration Department.

The department further mentioned that 209,411 passports were issued in 2020, while the number of diplomatic passports issued within the year is 175.


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