Kilinochchi Media Forum pays tribute to Tamil journalist Pragas Gnanapragasam

The Kilinochchi Media Forum paid tribute to 26-year-old Tamil journalist Pragas Gnanapragasam who died earlier this week after contracting Covid-19. 

Pragas, a native of Kodikamam, was an independent journalist writing for magazines and newspapers in the North-East. 

Pragas’s death happened one day after he publicly tweeted about contracting the Covid-19. 

Earlier, Pragas had raised concerns about the Sri Lankan government’s negligence in providing vaccines to muscular dystrophy patients like him. 

“Covid-19 safety for us?:- Patients with Muscular Dystrophy are usually alive a short-life. They struggle to survive for that lifetime. The Pandemic of Covid-19 has become another enemy of these patients,” Pragas tweeted it on June 6th. 

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