History will never forgive us for witnessing the deliberate destruction of a race: Bishop Prof. Kuzhanthai

Commenting to the target news agency on the Jaffna Library Burning Day, the bishop prof. Kuzhanthai said, “Human history will never forgive us for witnessing the deliberate destruction of a race.

He added, “The library is a repository of cultural protection, a culture that preserves the identity, rights, and ethics of the people, as well as their occupation, politics, and economy.

So they keep this culture in the library. So we see that such a library is a symbol of the people.

This is because the library is used to tell the next generation to pass on the way of life and culture they lived.

So we see that the library is the soul of the people and their life. That is why the rulers and the ruling class clearly understand that destroying the soul of the library can destroy the people.

When King Nero persecuted and burned Christians in Rome, he not only burned the people but their manuscripts and document to spread Christianity. By this, he sought to destroy Christianity.

Similarly, in Tamil Nadu in the 8th century AD, saivates burned manuscripts and literature written by the Jains. So they have advanced this language burning as a weapon that can be used to exterminate a race.

Similarly, in 1981, the Jaffna Library, the best library in Asia, was burnt down by the Sinhala ruling class.

We can see that this is the best example of the destruction of Tamil ethnicity.

Because the Sinhala government was clear that destroying a library will exterminate the Tamil race, their cultures and identities would be destroyed.

It can be seen that the Sri Lankan government is currently renewing the burnt library with more substandard books to show off to the world.

The burning of libraries and genocide are always been the same. And a library is not only a collection of books inside four walls. but they are sources that can be found in the field of archeology. So we see that the archeological identities that can express the culture of the Tamils ​​are all a library.

Whatever is taught and passed on to the next generation is all because of the library.

In this context, we see that the chauvinist state is clearly planning and staging such an annihilation. So we must clearly understand that this is a genocide.

Unfortunately, the extermination of Tamils ​​is being planned and carried out with the permission of the government and with the nation of the world.

Human history will never forgive us for witnessing the deliberate destruction of a race. ”

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